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    Is my xml too complex for InDesign?


      Apparently our xml list is too complex or we are missing something that enables it to flow into InDesign CS5. There are 6 colums, 3,461 rows with 20 paragraph styles named to correspond with the tags. We have been successful with 5 other files set up like this one but this is the largest - creating 45+ pages with some of the cells being shaded. Last night I left it running all night feeding the xml into InDesign and after 14 hours it still had not finished. The last time we were successful in getting it to feed in, after about 10 pages, the columns began messing up and adding columns instead of dropping to the next row. Here is the xml file condensed way down to show what we have been using.




      <?xml version="1.0" ?>


      <TABLE xmlns:aid="http://ns.adobe.com/AdobeInDesign/4.0/" aid:table="table" aid:trows="03461" aid:tcols="5">

      <hd_sty aid:table="cell" aid:theader="" aid:ccolwidth="20">Style</hd_sty>

      <hd_siz aid:table="cell" aid:theader="" aid:ccolwidth="20">Size</hd_siz>

      <hd_itm aid:table="cell" aid:theader="" aid:ccolwidth="28">Item#</hd_itm>

      <hd_qty aid:table="cell" aid:theader="" aid:ccolwidth="36">Quantity</hd_qty>

      <hd_nam aid:table="cell" aid:theader="" aid:ccolwidth="128">Item Description</hd_nam>

      <min_row aid:table="cell" aid:ccols="5">ACANTHUS</min_row>

      <itm_styP aid:table="cell"> </itm_styP>

      <itm_sizP aid:table="cell"> </itm_sizP>

      <itm_num aid:table="cell">P45</itm_num>

      <itm_qty aid:table="cell"> </itm_qty>

      <itm_nam aid:table="cell"><itm_bot>balcanicus</itm_bot><br/>

      <itm_com>BALKAN BEAR'S BREECHES</itm_com></itm_nam>

      <itm_styP aid:table="cell"> </itm_styP>

      <itm_sizP aid:table="cell"> </itm_sizP>

      <itm_num aid:table="cell">P50</itm_num>

      <itm_qty aid:table="cell"> </itm_qty>

      <itm_nam aid:table="cell"><itm_bot>mollis</itm_bot><br/>

      <itm_com>BEAR'S BREECHES</itm_com></itm_nam>

      <itm_styP aid:table="cell"> </itm_styP>

      <itm_sizP aid:table="cell"> </itm_sizP>

      <itm_num aid:table="cell">P7</itm_num>

      <itm_qty aid:table="cell"> </itm_qty>

      <itm_nam aid:table="cell"><itm_bot>mexicana 'Kiegabi'</itm_bot><br/>

      <itm_com>ACAPULCO&#8482; SALMON AND PINK</itm_com><br/>





      It shouldn't take so long to import and create the catalog. I hope someone can see where we have made our mistake..