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    CTL-F = ColdFusion Search = BROKEN = PLEASE HELP!!!


      I'm using CF Builder Version: 2.0.0, Build: 278082 (I just installed hotfix 1 hoping that would solve these problems, but it didn't)


      1) Using the ColdFusion Search between files doesn't work for me. Example: CTL-F (opens CF Search dialog) and I paste in "cfoutput" (without the quotes). I repeatedly hit the Find button and cycle through all the matches in the document. Then I select a different document, the ColdFusion Search dialog is still on top, I click the "Find" button and nothing happens. The ColdFusion Search dialog doesn't do anything, even though there are matches in the current document. I have to close the dialog, hit CTL-F again, and re-execute the search. This is completely different from the eclipse Find dialog behavior, where you can conduct the same search after switching the current document.


      2) Why do multiple ColdFusion Search dialogs open? I can open as many as I want by entering CTL-F. Shouldn't it just select the dialog if it's already open? I don't get it.


      Also, the CF Search dialog window position is not saved, which adds a lot more clicks to my work flow!


      I must be missing something here... this is either broken or I'm not understanding something. Or better yet, maybe I can have my old eclipse find dialog back!!!


      Thanks in advance!