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    Actionlist is missing error with Reader 9.4 on Win2008


      Hi All,

      The 3rd party SW that I need to install requires Reader 8 or 9 as a pre-requisite.  I need the UK option.  I can download fine from adobe.com/reader/download/otherversions (they certainly hide the older versions well).  However when I run the .exe on my server (on E: drive), I get the same Actionlist is missing error that others do.  The only solution appears to be to go to adobe.com/reader/direct, but that only allows me to download Reader X, which I can't use.


      I found a link to an ftp.adobe.com (looked legit) which had an .msi file.  When I ran that, buttons labeled in Russian appeared on a legit looking install screen.  I quickly shut it down, chosing the path of discretion.


      Any thoughts?