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    Is it possible to assign commenting preferences from the PDF document?


      The question:  Is there a way to make sure these commenting preferences are unchecked when the PDF document is opened in Adobe Reader:  “Print notes and pop-ups” and “Ensure that pop-ups are visible as the document is scrolled”?  I'm looking for a way to uncheck these preferences (possibly through a JavaScript) within a PDF document itself.  Our clients use Adobe Reader on both Mac and Windows. 


      The reason:  We are creating comments for a PDF that we will supply to our clients.  We want to make sure these are unchecked so that we make it as simple for our clients as we can.  Since these are clients, we do not have control over their PC.  We only have control over the PDF we provide them. 


      My concern is these settings can only be assigned at a PC user level.  If that is the case, please let me know.