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    Tracking completion with AICC LMS


      My Presenter 7 course doesn't track completion in my Cold Fusion LMS which is AICC compliant.

      I've set the reporting options under Quiz Management and launch the course using AICC.htm, but nowhere do I see an exit button and if I close the window (or tab), results are never sent. Also, I would like to course to open in a new window. Can anyone help?

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          VideoPep Level 2



          Which LMS you are using?

          Secondly, please do tell us exact steps. Make sure you are uploading Published zip file [Publish>MyComputer> Select Zip package].




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            Prez7usr Level 1

            Hi, thanks for your reply. The LMS is Cold Fusion (not sure what version),

            but the issue is that completion data isn't being sent to the LMS because I

            don't have an exit button on the course, so the only way to exit at the end

            is to close the browser window. My understanding is that I need a proper

            exit function for completion data to be sent. is that correct?  I noticed

            that the Captivate interface does have an exit button but not the Presenter

            interface. Also, I'm not sure how to make the course open in a new window.


            In the root of the ZIP package, I have an exit.swf file, as well as AICC.htm

            and presenter.* files, so course completion and quiz results are being

            tracked, but not sent when I close the course window at the end.


            Thanks again!


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              Is this a custom LMS? If not then what is the name of LMS?

              Exit from browser should not cause a problem, as soon as connection is terminated the course data is send back to LMS. Once data is send; LMS should display data correctly. Since this is working fine with other LMS we need to see is their any issue on LMS side.

              If you perform same step with Captivate files then are you able to see correct status?


              Secondly, any issue/query related to LMS like opening course in new page will be answered by LMS support; if its a custom Cold Fusion LMS; you can ask same in ColdeFusion forum.