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    trying to make a form in lifecycle

    jimmycharles243 Level 1

      I am trying to make a form in Lifecycle which will have multiple document. I may not print all of the pages all of the time so i need some infomation like persons name to be on all of the forms? I am hoping I can set it up so once I type the name on the first page it will add it to any other page where I have a name field? is there a way to do this. second question if I have a pdf I all ready use can I add to the end of a new document I made in lifecycle?




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          radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. You can set a fields binding to global (Object palette > Binding tab > Data Binding > Use global data).

          All fields within the form with the same name than will be hold the same data.


          2. You cannot merge forms made with LiveCycle Designer with other PDF files when the form is dynamic (XFA form) and the other PDF is a static file or form made in Acrobat (Acro form).