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    Help with build

    Eliran S

      Hi all,


      I need a little help with building a new comp and any help will be appericiated.

      My wife is a video editor and she needs a new CPU.

      She is editing HD films from various cameras (she have several clients).

      The budget is around 1500-2000$ for the CPU without screens and software which she already owns.

      She is working with CS5.5 and using windows 7 pro 64bit.


      I read quite a lot in the past few days and I ended up more confused then I was, this is the setup which I thought of:

      CPU:       I was thinking about the i7 960 3.2 (310$) or the i7 2600k (330$).

      MB:         Asus p6x8D 1366 ddr 1600

      Graphics: Gigabyte nVidia GTX460 1gb gddr5 (210$) or gtx560(230$) the 570 is way off the budget (440$)

      BLURAY: Pioneer BDR-206

      RAM:      I don't know really.. I was thinking about 12gb but I am cluless about it.

      Power:     AX 850W Gold Active PFC 12cm Fan Modular (No particular reason, when I'll know my final setup I'll check the power I need with http://www.extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp).

      Case:      Antec / Thermaltake, No idea which model..

      OS HDD: I'm still puzzled weather to go for the small (60gb) ssd for the OS and programs or go for a 7200 rpm hd.

      HDD:       W.D Caviar black 1tb 7200 rpm, 64mb, Sata III * 4 with raid on board (Raid 0 or Raid 5?  - I'll save it for another thread).

      Coolers:   Help needed


      Any help will be more then welcomed.




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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          While waiting for a specific answer, you might read these recent discussions














          And one specific... SSD is high $$ and there is a thread concerning problems... forum search for ssd will find at least 2 message threads about using ssd or not

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            If it were me, I'd go for the 2600K.  It gives a decent performance edge over the 960 at stock speeds, and will overclock higher still.  Definitely worth the extra $20.


            For the graphics card, the 560 is a little faster in the memory, but with the same number of processing cores.  You're not likely to see much (or even any) performance benefit going with the 560, so I'd get the cheaper 460.

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              Eliran S Level 1

              Dear John & Jim,


              Thank you for your help.

              Regarding the discussions you have mentioned, I have read them all, prior to posting and they helped me with the details.

              For the cpu, I think I'll go for the 2600k, thanks for the help with the graphic card & if you have sent me to the same ssd discussions I guess i'll drop the idea and go with a 7200 rpm drive.

              I would love to get help regarding the following matters:

              1. What do you think about the Mother board I selected?

              2. Which setup is suitable for the ram?

              3. What coolers do I need for the above setup?


              Thanks & Regards,


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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Go for the Z68 and then use both a conventional boot disk and a smallish SSD like the Intel 311 20G by using the SRT feature on that mobo.


                See: AnandTech - Intel Z68 Chipset & Smart Response Technology (SSD Caching) Review

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                  Eliran S Level 1

                  Harm thanks,


                  I'm not sure weather the extra money for the ssd is worth it comparing to other posts regarding the use of ssd drive.

                  In the same amount I can get a VelociRaptor 10k rpm, will it perform better?

                  For the almost final build:


                  CPU:       i7 2600k

                  MB:         Asus p6z68 v gen 3 pro ddr 1600

                  Graphics: Gigabyte nVidia Gtx560

                  BLURAY: Pioneer BDR-206

                  RAM:      16gb, 4 * 4, Not sure yet on which specific model

                  Power:     AX 850W Gold Active PFC 12cm Fan Modular

                  Case:      Antec / Thermaltake, Still not sure, I'll go for Mid-High tower which will have plenty of space

                  OS HDD: Not sure, maybe I'll go with Harm's suggestion or a 10k VelociRaptor

                  HDD:       W.D Caviar black 1tb 7200 rpm, 64mb, Sata III * 4 with raid on board Raid 0 & Additional  2tb 7200 rpm

                  CPU Coolers:   Depends whether I'll get good CPU coolers with the case

                  CPU Cooler:      Will buy an additional cooler.


                  Any last thoughts will be more then welcomed.

                  I intend of using the 4 drives raid 0 array for pagefile/scratch/renders, and the 2tb drive for media.

                  I see some builds that use 2*2 raid 0 array, is it enough? wouldn't it be better to use 4 disks in raid 0?




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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    Which boot disk?


                    Velociraptor 300 GB is around € 130 today. A Samsung 320 GB F4 is around € 33 and an Intel 311 SSD is around € 101, so the sum is € 134. About the same price as the Velociraptor, but according to the article I linked to on Anandtech the latter configuration is clearly faster.


                    What RAM? Corsair Vengeance 1600 is a popular and very affordable choice. 4 x 4GB now goes for around $ 100.


                    What cooler? CoolerMaster Hyper 212 is very affordable and gets good reviews. Alternatives are Noctua and Prolimatech, but the Noctua D14 may give problems with the Corsair Vengeance, because of the height of the RAM cooling fins.


                    4 x raid0 or two 2 x raid0? IMO the latter, two 2 x raid0, because if you have a drive failure you will at least have one array with your data left and only lose everything on the failed array. If you use a 4 disk (r)aid0 you double the change of losing all your data in comparison to two arrays and there will not be a noticeable performance difference.

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                      Eliran S Level 1



                      Thank you so much for your help.

                      I'll read more about the OS Disk you suggested and decide, other then that, my mind is set.


                      Best & Regards,