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    Deciding how to present photo gallery in existing swf file


      I have created a flash website that looks like this (see below).  When you click on any of the menu buttons (home, architecture, etc), the menu bar stays stationary while everything else slides horizontally.  The title of the page (black with yellow outer glow) scrolls horizontally as well and stops as you see here to show the next page has "arrived" or loaded.  There is no page loading or timeline jumping in Flash.  It's all programmed for the menu buttons to trigger the entire site to start moving.


      My problem is trying to figure out the best way to show images for the portfolio.  Each page will have pics depending on the category, and I am wanting to display them as best as possible.  I considered using a Web Gallery made through Bridge, but it makes an HTML file that won't slide like the rest of the site will.  I am needing the images to slide as well like the rest.  Because of this, the images at some point have to be Movie Clips so the script will move them accordingly.


      Is there any way to have the images as MC's, bring them into view, and then somehow make them clickable that starts up LightBox2 or a Bridge-made Web Gallery of those images?  Or am I screwed?