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    Performance Issues

    geoprize7767 Level 1

      Ok, here's the deal. I have a laptop, an HP. It has the entire Design Suite CS5 loaded. I frequently run several programs at the same time when I'm working on various projects. I'll have Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and sometimes InDesign and/or Bridge open and running. I've never experience a performance issue. So naturally, I figured when I purchased Premiere Elements CS5 the other day that it would run fine, at least by itself. I have Win 7 64 bit and installed it using disc 2 first (the 64 bit disc). The program runs so so so so so slowly. I can't even run a video clip with sound cleanly. Either the video or the sound stalls or gets really choppy or stops altogether. Sometimes both sputter. Not only does PE run incredibly slowly, but since I installed it, the rest of my computer runs like a slug. Photoshop takes a good 2 minutes just to open. Bridge is the same way. Has PE's install ruined or adjusted some setting in a way that the rest of my computer is now barely functional?


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Something isn't right. On any machine that can run Adobe's Production Suite, Premiere Elements should run like a dream.


          (Although there really is not Premiere Elements CS5, so I assume you mean version 10.)


          The Design Suite is much less intensive than the Production Suite however. How does your computer run with Premiere CS5? How fast is your processor and how much free, defragmented space is on your C drive?


          What model of camcorder is your test footage coming from? What are the specs of that footage?


          What settings did you select when you set up your Premiere Elements project? Matching project specs to video specs is vital in this program. When your footage and project specs match, you should NOT see a red line over the video you place on your timeline until you add effects to it. Is that the case in your situation?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Along with Steve's questions and suggestions, can you please give us the full specs. of your laptop, and especially the CPU, RAM and your HDD setup.


            Though I do not have CS 5.5 MC installed on this laptop, it runs AE, PS, PrPro, Encore, AI and I can even run PrE 4.0, with the other programs open.


            In my case, I am running an Intel Core 2 Quad on a Clevo chassis, @ 2.66GHz

            RAM = 4GB

            nVidia 8800M GTX 512MB

            XP-Pro SP3

            3x SATA II 200GB HDD's, with plenty of free space on each


            My system edits smoothly, and has never had a problem, though I am only editing DV-AVI (SD) material, but might well have 2 hours on the Timeline, w/ a half-dozen Video Tracks, and up to 8 Audio Tracks. Even when the Chips have intensive Effects applied, there are no performance issues.


            Now, I have cleaned out all unnecessary processes and programs, and turn all anti-virus, pop-up blocking and malware programs OFF, and do NOT have any Internet, or POP presence.


            You might want to look over this ARTICLE for some tips on tuning the computer, and also your OS up for video editing.


            Good luck,



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              geoprize7767 Level 1

              Thanks for the replies. Yes, I did mean Elements 10, not CS5, sorry.


              The footage was recorded with a Canon 7D DSLR in 1080P30, or what I am told is "full HD." I can't really set any other settings filmwise on the actual camera body so when I put the footage into PE10 and dragged a clip to the timeline, it told me teh projects settings didn't match and asked if I wanted to match the project to the footage. I said yes.


              Prior to dragging the clip to the timeline, I thought I had set up the setting correctly to match the 1080P30 but apparently it needed more. Anyway, shouldn't the project settings match the film settigs adequately after I clicked yes?


              I checked, and the corrected settings are:


              Frame Size 1920 x 1080

              Sample Rate 48000 Hz

              Timebase 29.97 frames/second

              Display Format 30fps Drop-Frame Tmecode


              There are only a few short clips in the 1:20 I've edited where there is a red line above the the clips and two of them are over titles.


              I did also import some sound collected with a Zoom H2 recorder and the video clips have sound recorded with a RODE shotgun mic running to the camera. Don't know if this has anything to do with it.


              My computer specs are as follows:


              Win 7 64 bit OS

              Intel Core2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz  2.20GHz

              2 GB of RAM





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                VDOSurfer Level 3

                Ok, I see a problem, if not THE problem. You have a 2GB RAM and a 64-bit app that uses the complete RAM. When PrE10 not running, is Media Analyzer running? It is called ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe in the task manager. That I have seen takes a lot of memory. If it is running, could you kill it and then check if the system behaves?


                When PrE is running, how much memory does your workflow consume? i.e. What does the task manager say about PrE's memory usage? If that is a lot (anything over 1.2GB is a lot for a 2GB machine..) And I see that you are using AVCHD clips. Your system is close to being minimally capable for clips such as these. You need a faster procesor as well. I say this because Adobe says 2GB dual core is required for AVCHD - and I read that as "If you are too close to this, don't blame us if we don't perform too well."


                Just my thoughts..

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Adobe's requirements are minimums... the link below has real world requirements


                  CS5 Requirements http://forums.adobe.com/thread/810750?tstart=0

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Thank you for the info on the computer. As VDOSurfer points out, with a 64-bit OS, 4GB of RAM is about the minimum to run just the OS. Two GB will cause the OS to struggle, and have to use Virtual Memory in an alarming amount. Fire up a 64-bit program, and all bets are off.


                    If you can fill up the slots on your MoBo with as much RAM, as is possilbe (each stick should match 100%), if nothing else, you will have a much better experience with the computer, and that should translate better for PrE, as well.


                    Good luck,



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                      geoprize7767 Level 1

                      Ok, thanks for the advice. I thought the RAM looked a little low. I'm wondering if there is even a way to add more to a laptop, but I suppose I could look into that. Hunt, I read that other article you posted for me and have turned off indexing on my local drive to see if that helps. As for the process to kill which you mention, I'm not sure what I can and can't kill. In other words, I don't know what my computer needs to have on and what it could do without for editing. I know some of the obvious ones, like messenger and so on, but I was hoping you, or somebody else, could provide me with a couple others to look for and kill for editing.


                      VDO, where would I find media analyzer? Would it just be open in the links bar at the bottom? Because the only thing I see open when PrE10 is open in the purple PrE10.


                      Thanks for the help,



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I have added RAM to my old Toshiba Satellite, and it was an easy task.


                        I can swap out RAM easily (it's full however) on my Clevo-based Sager, and again, it's easy.


                        Now, there are a lot of different laptop designs out there, so ease of adding RAM on my units does not cover ALL laptops. Might be easy, or maybe not. I think that it will depend on the laptops MoBo and access to it.


                        If you DO expand the RAM, check with the instruction book (or online) to get the exact specs. for YOUR laptop, and always make sure to use RAM that matches 100%.


                        I would never mix RAM, even from top-of-the-line companies - everything should match up perfectly, or issues are likely.


                        Good luck,



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                          geoprize7767 Level 1

                          Ok, so thanks to all of you, I think I figured out the problem. I have two, 2GB sticks installed and both check out, but one of the slots on my computer is dead, so it is only reading 2GB of RAM. That would also explain why my entire computer slowed down. Perhaps the slot died near or at the same time I installed PrE10, causing me to believe one caused the other -- Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc, ha ha.


                          Anyway, I'm hunting for an affordalbe, single 4GB stick to slap in there and we'll see what that does.


                          Do any of you happen to know if RAM slots can be replaced or are they permenantly fused to the motherboard?


                          Also, I read in the other article you linked me to, Hunt, where someone said PrE10 could be "moved up in the priority" and it helped speed things up. What does that mean and how can I do that?





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                            VDOSurfer Level 3

                            The task manager. Press Ctrl+Shift+Escape. Go to Processes and see if ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe is running. Kill it

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                              rdnelson Level 2

                              I would recommend not attempting to replace the DRAM socket on the motherboard.  The printed circuit boards have multiple layers and very small traces.  Most likely the motherboard will be in worse shape than when you started.

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                                geoprize7767 Level 1

                                Ok, thanks. That sounds way more risky than I want, especially when I could just get a single 4GB stick and be basically back in business. Thanks for the advice.