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    Damaged Installer for Mac OS X Lion


      I have tried numerous times to install Adobe Flash Player (versions & on Mac OS X Lion.  Every time the installer proceeds to approximately 5% completion, then fails with the following message:


      The installation failed.  Get support.


      From searching other threads I found the recommendation to run the uninstaller package, then download and re-run the latest installer package.  The uninstaller package runs fine, but the installer fails again.  Another thread recommends to control-click the Install Adobe Flash Player Application, then Show Package Contents, then open the Contents/Resources folder to find the Adobe Flash Player package.  When I try to run this package I receive the follwoing error message:


      The Installer is damaged.  The Installer can't open the package.  There may be a problem with file ownership or permissions.


      I have tried downloading the installer different times from both the Adobe website and download.cnet.com with no success.  This is a factory install of Lion and I have installed several other applications on this Mac with no problems.  I have installed JRE and ensured that that the Flash Player plugins are not currently installed in my Internet Plugins folder of my Library and the core Library.  I have installed Google Chrome and flash runs fine with it's flash player plugin.


      Thanks in advance for any advice.