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    The old slow text problem crossplatform

    Jay Chevako Level 3

      I'm sharing a document with my sister. A 32 page newsletter, It has heavy use of split columns (via styles), and photos.



      On my Mac pro 4 core 2.66 & 7GB ram computer it runs fine

      On her Pc, Amd 4 core 2.?? & 8 GB ram typing slows to a crawl


      On her computer I:

      Split the document up into mulitple stories,

      Set Live screen drawing to delayed

      Set display performance to typical/fast

      Disabled Preflight

      Disabled Text wrap on the text boxes, except where necessary.


      I got better typing in a few areas, but I couldn't really discern a pattern.



      Could transferring a document crossplatform cause slow downs?