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    Initial View in TabbedViewNavigatorApplication

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      I would like to include an opening view in my TabbedViewNavigatorApplication that explains the tabs.

      This view should be shown only once, when the app starts. All four ViewNavigators should have their own firstViews that I can popToFirstView to later. But still I would like to have that one view appear first.


      I can imagine an elaborate scheme that hijacks all tab- and back-buttons to redirect navigation away from that first view... but I *do* wonder if there is a more elegant way to include an "applicationFirstView" that is not the firstView of any of the ViewNavigators.


      Just to make sure: I am not talking about the splash screen here. I'd need something interactive.


      Thank you in advance


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          Hmmm... I can think of a few options:


          1. Create a ViewNavigatorApplication instead of TabbedVNA. First view of that will either be a "FAQ" type View, or a View with your TabbedViewNavigator in it...
          2. Show the "FAQ" View in your first VN in your TVNA, and upon hitting a tab (listen for change event) replace the first/top view of the primary tab.


          I did something similar to #2, I forced the tab bar to  requireSelection = false, that way none of the tabs looked selected. Upon tapping a tab, I then set requireSelection = true.

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            G. Singelmann Level 3

            Thank you for your suggestions


            1) I am quite hesitant to re-architect the whole thing. So this is something to play with in a future project.


            2) I was quite excited for a second by the idea that the firstView property may be changed later. Haven't got it to work though.


            May current favourite is to treat that welcome screen as a popup/layover that is displayed once on top of the firstView of the first tab. That should, as design, be good enough for this project.


            Thanks again