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    Sandy Bridge or Sandy-E?

    Chek Wingo Level 1

      First Build and on a budget. Looking for something to handle CS5.5 Master Collection, mostly Premiere (for now) with footage from Canon Vixia HF M30 and Nikon D7000.



      Core i7-2600K

      Could probably hold out for Sandy-E, but it looks like even the low end  will still be a couple hundred more than this.


      ASUS P8P67 EVO

      I think this is a board that if later on I wanted to add a hardware controller for raid I could do so, I think it has enough space/PCI-e slots, but not positive. How do I tell that sort of thing?


      G.SKILL Ripjaws 16GB 1333

      This does not appear to be on the QVL for EVO but it is DDR3. I realize this is 1333 for an unlocked 2600K but its timings look better than others. Actually, I think Newegg may have sold out of it between the time I found it and writing this up, so should I hold out for speedier RAM with better timings or just settle for Cas 9? I know I've read somewhere that better timings results in substantially better performance.


      EVGA SuperClocked 01G-P3-1461-KR GeForce GTX 560

      Recommended as a best bang for buck card on hardware threads.



      Mid-size tower, I believe. Only has five 3.5" bays


      CORSAIR Professional Series Gold AX850

      Should be plenty of power. How much quality/performance difference between gold series and the less expensive series'?



      320GB Samsung Spinpoint F4

      C: Should be enough for just system and programs, ended up not going with solid state right now, budget decision, i.e., read SSD myth unraveled. Seems like more hype than substance, unless someone can make an overwhelmingly convincing argument to the contrary. Either way, this is more than twice the storage for almost a quarter the price of a 128GB crucial m4. I'd rather not worry with 320GB than come close to filling 128, or no?


      3x Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB

      D: ?

      E: ?

      F: ?

      Probably just go with Generic Guideline for Disk Setup for 4 disks. Also, (stupid) question(s)—1. what is media cache and how do I designate it to a specific drive? 2. when beginning new project, under scratch disks tab, where should I designate captured video/captured audio? 3. Stills are designated as "media," correct?


      HP DVD Writer 1260i

      Budget, probably install Blu-Ray later on.


      Microsoft Windows 7 Pro

      I realize I could save by going with Home, but I'm going with Pro just in case I find myself needing it later on.


      COOLER MASTER Hyper 212

      Not sure about a third party cooler right now as I do not plan on overclocking until I read/learn more about it, but if I were to overclock in the future how do I determine what heft/price cooler I would need? For example, to be running at a particular clock speed, say 4+ Ghz?


      Also, regarding the student/teacher editions of Adobe software, are there any restrictions, commercial or otherwise that come with using it? The only reason I ask is because I have a window for the next few months to be able to purchase the student/teacher edition and the difference in price point is significant. Is there reason NOT to buy the student edition, what is the difference?