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    Single sourcing tools for paper and html help

      Today I started a new job where html help is made in RoboHelp and the paper manual is made in Word. Both are translated to 5 languages, so the translators also use Word and RoboHelp. Unfortunately there is no single sourcing at all.
      I want to introduce single-sourcing so that I use the same source for output to html help and paper.

      I am used to FrameMaker for paper output and the WebWorks Publisher plugin for the html help output.

      If I were alone I might use FrameMaker and Madcap Blaze. I think however that I can introduce one but not two new tools for the 5 translators.

      What Is your suggestion? Which tools should I use? Word hasn't the conditional text feature I need. I don't belive that RoboHelp can create a Word output which lives up to the Company design standards. Besides, will Robohelp live, does it works under Window Vista?

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          Hi Polle2. First of all there are many users on these forums who use RH to single source with no problems. Sure RH single sourcing requires a little thought and set-up - just like most our "true single source" tools. There's a new version of RH planned (version X6) and currently in beta test but we won't know what included in it until it's formally released.

          As far as product comparisons are concerned, I've not used Madcap Blaze and neither has anyone else as I believe it's not released yet. My two penneth worth is you are right to go down the single sourcing line and that RH - and other tools - could all fit the bill. It all depends on which one fits your specific needs.