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      I keep getting the message:


      Error getting license

      License server communication problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER


      Or it also comes up as 'Document is licensed for a different user account'


      I am sure this has to do with the fact that I installed Adobe Digital Editions twice, once on desktop computer in the USA & once on my (American) laptop computer - while I was in the Netherlands (different IP address), & with no access to my desktop computer, so I did not remember my ID & password, and instead created a new account. In the Netherlands I did legally buy quite a few e-books, that at first seem to work fine. Then there was a major problem w/ my laptop, & while I was trying to solve that, the Adobe Digital Editions got uninstalled. I reinstalled it, but now all of a sudden I got the second message for books that I bought - as said, legally in a Dutch internet bookstore (bol.com), which by the way advised me in the first place to use Adobe Digital Editions. As this happened, my computer still played up, and the above problem was the least on my mind, so I thought, I'll contact customerservice here.

      Upon coming back in the States, my computer had to be completely restored, so, I was lucky to be able to get all the content off of it, and place it on a netbook, but it all took a while. I now also installed ADE on that one. It runs Windows 7, both other computers run on Vista. I now realized the problem w/ the two ADE identities. But combining the two does not (yet) solve the problem. Though the older, earlier bought, books (through my desktop, here in the USA, but from the Dutch bookstore, seem to run fine and are readable, the newer are not visible here and give the above error. However, the newer ones mostly give the same error on the other (W7) machine. I am at my wits' end. The "other user" 'it' is talking about is me, the "different user account" is also me. How can I combine ME & ME again??

      Any solution? Or should I go back to reading 'real' books??

      Please help!!




      Message was edited by: 011410ms@gmail.com PS: I did authorize my the ADE & I did activate on both occasions. Just in case you wonder.

          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Maria, it would appear from your story that you've run afoul of digital

          rights (DRM).  When an ebook has been downloaded to ADE, it's 'registered'

          (using the term loosely) to that particular computer and its environment

          such as ereaders that are attached to it.  If you copy that ebook to another

          computer with ADE and try to get ADE to recognise it, ADE will tell you that

          it's already been 'registered' to another installation of ADE.  There's no

          way to untie the Gordian knot that's formed here because of the digital

          rights.  You'd have to contact the source from which you downloaded the

          ebook and see if you can get them to allow you to download it again to the

          computer that's working properly right now  If the ebook does not have DRM

          protection turned on, you can move it from one installation of ADE to

          another without having this problem.


          ADE allows you to include two computers and up to four ereaders under one

          installed copy.  So, there may be a way for you to share the non-DRM

          protected ebooks between the two, perhaps via an ereader that's registered

          to both machines.  But, from what you've said so far, your situation is

          pretty messy, so it might take some thought on how to do this.  The DRM of

          the ebooks in question might play an important part: you can see what's

          possible if you look at the Item Info of the ebook itself.  If the publisher

          has permitted copying of the material, it will show up there, and then you

          can try to move forward.


          Good luck getting things straightened out!  I don't envy you at all.