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    Why doesn't CS5.5 keep my custom output modules when I quit AE


      We've recently upgraded from CS3 to CS5.5. I have recreated the ouput modules and set my defaults as per usual (I have specifically created an output module for Quicktime Avid 1:1 and saved it with a new name). Everything works as usual untill I quit After Effects, When I start up again this saved module has disappeared and ALL the defaults settings (movie, frame etc) defaults to the next in the list. So if RAM preview was previously set to Lossless, it becomes Lossless with Alpha etc and my created module isn't there anymore. If I specifically save these settings it doesn't make any difference. And if I manually load this, I still have to set the defaults for movie, frame etc to what I want.


      I've searched help and the forums, but are not finding a sollution.