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    Captivate 5.5 jerky recording

    Colday213 Level 1

      HI all,


      Just a quick query.


      I'm running e-learning suite 2.5 on an XP machine with an Athlon X2 Dual Core (4450B) processor running at 2.29Ghz with 1.75 Ghz RAM available.


      With just the application running that I want to record I'm still getting extremely jerky recording, to the extent where it takes the cursor about 0.25 second to move on the screen after moving the physical mouse. And that is when I am only recording one of the modes. I dare to think what it would be like recording all three!


      It appears to me to be a resources issue, but was wondering:


      a) is anyone is having the same problem?

      b) is there a workaround?

      c) are there some settings that may help?


      Thanks all!