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    Displayed title in output is not correct -- where is it coming from?

    Alberti Level 1

      RH9, RH Server 9, IE8, WebHelp Pro


      In Project Settings > Project Title we have the label we want the users to see in the WebHelp output browser title bar.


      However, in the browser the displayed title in the top browser bar is different from what we have in the Project Settings > Project Title. How do we change this?


      The Project Title in Project Settings > Project Title is Myproject


      In the server output, the browser bar shows:


      http://Myproject-test/robohelp/robo/server/general/projects/Myproject/Temp_Project_for_Myp roject.htm


      At one time we had the project named "{Temp_Project_for_Myproject" but we have changed it and we can't get rid of the old name in the output.


      Any ideas?



      Mike West