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    Why are  Acrobat Reader X icons not working?

    Actxiom Level 1

      Is there something majorly wrong with "X" version? It is totally unresponsive. When I try to delete and start over, I get the message that I have an adobe acrobat pdf open, but I don't. What the heck is going on here Adobe? Before someone responds, I will do the all the standard stuff, clean out temp files, eliminate cookies, etc., etc. I haven't defrag in a long time, guess I should do that to, although ever time I do I get "You do not need to defrag at this time." I have Windows XP, SP3, 2 gigs of Ram, and tons of hard drive space.


      I have no idea what the problem is. Any one care to venture a guess? Your response is valuable to me. and thanks.