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    All data are not displaying in datagrid

    Kumar Pratik

      Hi All,


      I am facing very annoying problem and expecting a solution here.

      I have a tab navigator inside which i have a Vbox and inside Vbox i have a datagrid. I am putting verticalScrollPolicy="off" for datagrid and verticalScrollPolicy="auto" for Vbox.

      Initially it looked fine but i noticed that when i have more than 30 data in datagrid all data are not getting displayed. Here is sample code:


      <mx:TabNavigator id="diffgrid" width="100%" height="100%" change="changegrid()">

                <mx:VBox label="BY ME" width="100%" verticalScrollPolicy="auto">



                          <mx:DataGrid id="msgGrid" width="100%" rowCount="{msgGridCount}" verticalScrollPolicy="off"

                                    verticalGridLines="false" horizontalGridLines="true" horizontalGridLineColor="#969A9B"  showHeaders="false"

                                    wordWrap="true" horizontalScrollPolicy="auto" variableRowHeight="true">


      Please let me know your input