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    email notification from Flex on database updates




      I need to add to my application a notifier module which sends out email to all people subscribed to such notification whenever an update is done in the database (or part of the database). The actual trigger will be a result handler coming back when the database has been updated.


      Now, I successfully can send email based on a form and then using a <mx:HTTPService> coupled with a PHP file


      How can I expand that now in a way that basically I can use a function call to trigger my notification.

      The problem I have is the HTTPService which is not an Actionscript that I can just use. (You see my limited knowledge on the insides of mxml stuff which at the end is AS also)


      I had in mind to get all users and their subscription wish from the database and then do a for loop until the array length and check if somebody needs to be notified. If yes, then I would like to call the "email" sender.


      If somebody can help or send interesting links on the subject, that would be tremendous!