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    Cairngorm ValueObject

    kruse Level 1
      I’m creating an application where everything is based on a calendar.
      Therefore the first thing a person has to do when entering the application is to choose a date.

      The application is created using the Cairngorm framework. The date is defined using the mxml:DateChooser
      My question is then if I should create a value object for the date chosen?
      Like public class DateVO
      And if the answer is yes, How should I retrieve the date? I think that the DateChooser does not return a date object “30-10-2006”. I think that there must be some kind of function that generates the date (“30-10-2006”). And where should that function be located.

      What do you think?
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          leotemp Level 1
          Hey sorry i dont have an answer in fact i was wondering if you could tell me what Cairngorm is in a simple manner. Ive been to its site and read about it but im not sure i understand what its for exactly..
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            I don't think you should be using a VO because the Date object has an equivalent object in Java so it is converted whenever you pass it from AS to Java or from Java to AS.
            The DateChooser component has a selectedDate property which returns a Date, so yes, the DateChooser does return the Date.