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    How Do I Edit Text in Adobe Flash CS5


      I have a premade .fla file I purchased from a web development company. I works when I open it with IE or whatever but I just dont know how to change the dummy text with in the pre made flash template and I wonna change th ecolor from green to black. Can some one help me out?


      Download the .fla file and well maybe one of you pros out there can do it for me

      Here is the link




      If yoiu need other information related to the file, let me know.


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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          In frame 1 of the timeline in a layer named "OLD" is some actionscript that loads an external file, "Content.xml". When I looked through the movie's Library, I opened a couple of movieClips that had text on them and found that there is actionscript attached that reads in content from that .xml file to be the text for those movieClips.


          It looks like the text that you are looking for is in the .xml file. If the .xml is as poorly organized as the Library for this movie, then it may take a bit of searching to find the text that you want to change.

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            cortexcorperations Level 1

            Oh Thank You so much Mr. Dillon, I was getting frustrated because I could not even find a way on Google. YES you are currect there is another file content.xml. Is the best way to edit .xml with Dreamweaver?


            If you wanna look more into it:


            http://www.microunified.com/downloads/Content.xml - Save Target As if u wanna download it


            I was also wondering would you be able to show or maybe help me out changing the color? Instead of the green provided with in, I was wondering if we could change it to black? Like the background and such.


            Thanks again Mr. Dillon, I really apprechiate the help.