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    Lines disappearing when pasting grouped objects

    Paolo Tramannoni Level 1



      Is someone else experiencing this issue? I had it in the past, and it reappeared now.


      In short: applying an Object Style to an anchored object made of grouped objects, makes lines and frames disappear.


      In detail:


      1. Create on the worktable (next to the page) a diagram made of linked external bitmap images and lines/frames created in InDesign.

      2. Select all the above and group them.

      3. Copy and paste the group inside the text flow.

      4. Apply an Object Style only containing the Above Line positioniong attribute.


      Results: All lines and frames created in ID disappear, instead of remaining visible.


      In this image you can see the original group on the left, the pasted one on the right.



      I cannot manage to find a way to change this behavior.