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    Fireworks CS3 Program Switching Issue


      In the office we have 3 machines using Fireworks CS3 (part of Studio CS3). All the machines are experiencing the issue I am about to describe. Each machine is an Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB ram. All 3 machines are using Windows Vista.


      We all had the old Vista Aero problem with brushes, and we quickly overcame this by using the "disable desktop composition" fix.


      However, one problem we have never been able to solve occurs when switching between ANY application and Fireworks. There is a delay of at least 20-30 seconds (sometimes more) when trying to swap back to Fireworks. We have being doing various Google & Adobe forum searches regularly over the past 2+ years, looking in vein for a fix, but as yet have still not managed to find a solution or even a record of someone else with the same issue (mainly because out searches are dominated with the old "disable desktop composition" fix). We assumed it was a problem fundemental to CS3 yet still hold out hope for a solution.


      Normally it's not a problem, but when working on websites which involve a lot of graphics edits and/or switching in and out of Fireworks it can quickly add a very frustrating hour or more to a job.


      Recently, I was forced to upgrade to a new computer with Windows 7, and transfered my old CS3 install to the new machine. I was surprised to find that I can switch in and out of Fireworks instantly, much to the frustration of the other guys in the office who are unfortunately stuck with Vista for the time being.


      Is there a fix for this horrible switching delay on Vista and has anyone else here even sufered with the same issue?


      TL:DR - This is not the desktop composition problem with brushes which seems to domnate results when we try to search for a fix, this is a very noticable delay when swapping in and out of Fireworks.