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    Adobe AIR for mobile expectations and misconceptions?


      Hello, I am somewhat confused by the content published by Adobe which claims that AIR for Android or iOS publishing creates a fully native app.


      For example, in this Adobe Developer Connection article (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/logged_in/abansod_iphone.html) written in May 2011, the following claims are made:


      "Since we are able to compile ActionScript to ARM ahead of time, the application gets all the performance benefits that the JIT would offer and the license compliance of not requiring a runtime in the final application."


      "When you build your application for iOS, there is no interpreted code and no runtime in your final binary. Your application is truly a native iOS app."


      After reading a large amount of information like this from Adobe and other sources, I went ahead and bought an Android phone. After actually getting the .APK file published from Flash Pro CS 5.5 onto the phone and installed, it of course gave me the message that I needed to install Adobe AIR to run the program.


      How can that be "truly a native app?" The same happens in iOS, obviously. Is Flash running in a web browser a "truly native app" in that case? The extra step of making users download the Adobe AIR package makes it all seem so half baked compared to actual native apps. I'm assuming there is no way to package AIR with your app? Not that it's a great alternative, but I can't think of what else would make this situation better.