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    Retain Formatting Word to ID CS3

    larys smith



      Can someone direct me to simple instructions on how to retain MS Word Formatting and place or paste into ID CS3? (Using Word for Mac 2011).


      I've tried paste, get only text. Place gets nothing. I've tried with RTF, Word .DOCX and .DOC all without success. The "help" options have nothing (or I cant find it). Thanks...


      And, FWIW, any differences in CS5 (I'm upgrading shortly).


      Thanks Much.



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          larys smith Level 1



          Unrelated question, How do I "subscribe" to this with email notification? Can't find a link. Thx.



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Unless you've opted out in your profile, you are automatically subscribed to any thread you start or repond to. You will not receive email of your own posts, however.


            Perhaps if you explain in more detail what you get or don't get that you were expecting, we can offer more suggestions for improving your experience with text import. Whether or not you get formatted text when pasting from another application, for example, is a preference choice, and for placing text you should "show import options" to set up waht will be preserved or mapped.