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    Actions not working to imported swf files in Flash Catalyst




      I have a problem with manipulating my imported swf files (created in Flash professional) in Flash Catalyst CS5. Whenever I add any of the swf control actions to a swf file in the timeline such as 'stop', the animation ignores it and keeps replaying. I tried to add action sequence when a certain button is pressed, and also tried to create 'On application Start' and added 'stop' so that the animation stops immediately when the application opens. No matter what I do, the animation refuses to perform the actions and simply replays. The animation is a simple shape tween between 2 states with no action script attached to it. I published the animation as an swf and exported it to Flash Catalyst. Is there any suggestions whatsoever on why this is happening? Is it something to do with setting up my flash file prior to import? The only way I figured out to stop the animation from playing is adding action script to the flash file in Flash Professional however this is not what I want because I would like the animation to be controlled by components in my flash Catalyst document.