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    How do I adjust bitrate when outputting from AE -Apple ProRes422?

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi -

      I'm delivering a 30 second spot to Comcast.

      Their spec sheet names Apple ProRes422 for compression  - and I found that with no problem in AE (5.5). 

      They also request interlace/bottom first - which I also found in the settings. 

      Lastly (in an ftp spec sheet) they require bitrate between 10 and 15 Mbs - this I cannot find in AE output module.  In fact, it seems that if I use Apple ProRes422, then the bitrate is not selectable.  If I use H264 I can adjust the bitrate.


      How can I adjust the bitrate to meet their specs?  Does ProRes422 equal the correct, requested bitrate by default?


      TIA your input.