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    Old Breeze Presenter content


      I have a potential client who is in a bit of a predicament. They have some eLearning content that was originally created by a vendor using Breeze. What options would they have for editing this content now? If they have the source files, would Adobe Presenter work?

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          Heyward Drummond Level 3

          We'd have to know what file format they are in. They definately would not work in Connect 8 unless they are re-uploaded so they are converted to AS3 if they have any script in them. Would need more specifics as to file extensions.

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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            Just to be clear, the old published files should work as on-demand object in AC8... right? I have many clients who have "antique" Presenter content, and they have continued to work (for the most part). Obviously they won't work in the meeting room, which is AS3, but I didn't think it would make a difference for the on demand or asynchronous content.


            And if you have the source files, you can open them in PPT with Presenter 7.0.7 and they will convert. I have doe this with Presenter 6 content.

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              Heyward Drummond Level 3

              Correct. That can upload their older content from the desktop into a Connect 8 room or into Connect Central and those files will convert properly. Using older content directly from the content library will nopt convert. So, it's important that folks upload older content to get it converted.