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    Problems importing PageMaker 6.52 file into InDesign CS5


      I have an 11-year old file that I need to import into either InDesign CS5 or FrameMaker 9 on Windows 7. The file was originally done on a Mac, so it had no extension. I have tried adding the .PM6 extension, but when that didn't work, I tried the .P65 extension. I know from the PDF properties that the file was done in PageMaker 6.52, but I don't have PageMaker, and neither does the original author at this point.


      When I try to import the file into InDesign CS5, I get this message: "The PageMaker document is damaged and cannot be recovered." (Note that I am using CS5, not CS2, so the issues I've seen posts about should not apply.)


      When I try to impor the file into FrameMaker 9, I get this message: "The filter encountered an error and could not complete the translation."


      I could try converting the PDF, but I'd like to get this file converted if that is possible.


      I am posting this in the FrameMaker forum as well to see if they may have any insights.