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    InDesign CS 5.5 freezing when opening files


      I recently upgraded to CS5.5 from CS5. When I launch InDesign CS5.5 there is no issue, but when I try to open a file InDesign freezes up every time. I sent a particular file to a co-worker who is also running CS5.5 and it opened fine on his machine. I have tried the following:


      1. Completely uninstall CS5 and CS5.5 from my system, run the Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool, Reinstall CS5.5
      2. Update InDesign CS5.5 and Update Mac OSX
      3. Delete all "adobefnt.lst" files
      4. Delete Recovery folder contents in users/library/cache
      5. Turn off all fonts other than system fonts


      When InDesign freezes, if I force-quit the application and re-open, it opens the file, as what I will assume is the recovered version. I can then work on it fine and save, but when I want to open the file again I have to go through this sharade of force quitting and re-saving the recovered version.


      I am running:

      Mac Pro, OSX Lion, InDesign CS5.5


      At this point I have done all that I know to do and have exhausted all resources that I could find online. If anyone could help me get back to work I would be extremely grateful!


      Thank you,


      Graphic Artist