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    Can't find flex2gateway

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      Good morning Flexers...
      I am unable to connect to my CFC's on one machine. I think the problem is that I can not find my flex2gateway with a web browser. This machine is hosting multiple domains and is running WIndows 2000 Pro, IIS version 5.0, CF Server 7.02, and Java Server 1.4.2_09. The machines IP Address is and the domain I am trying to connect to is called idaweb.state.id.us. The HTTP port is set to 80. So far these are the URL's I have tried to use in a browser to find my flex2gateway:


      Each one of these returns the 404 file not found error. Any ideas on how I can find my flex2gateway using IIS that is hosting multiple domains??? Thanks in advance for the help!!!

      Have an Ordinary Day...
      KomputerMan ~|:-)