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    Broken Full Text Index


      I just created a portfolio with 78 pdf documents. Some 4000 pages. The portfolio was created to give away for free on CD's. The index was built on the portfolio. The index was imbedded into the portfolio. When opened in Reader, the Full Text Index works fine on the build computer before the creating the CD master. The Index partially works on the CD. The part that does not work is searching itself. The search only takes 6 seconds with 16497 instances in 75 documents. (But the link to the portfolio page is broken. The names of the document found are displayed properly, but the Error Message-'There was an error retrieving text' is displayed. The cd's are made (Since everything else is working and the CD is at the duplicators) I have to go with what I have for this round. I am looking for a fix for the next batch and I am looking for a temporary fix to distribute through dropbox where I can download a new Full Text Index, an updated portfolio or both to those who received the CD at the conference. I thought I had a fix by going to 'Select Index...' and removing the indexes present and adding the correct index. That worked on the build computer but does not work other computers. This is what I tried.


      1. Copy the following files into a new folder on your computer. (You may name it.)




      Full_Text_Index (folder)


      (You may copy the other files and folders but you do not need them.)


      2. Right Click 'Full_Text_Index.pdx' open with Adobe Reader


      3. Select 'Show More Options' at the bottom of the box


      4. Under 'Look in:" at the top of the box choose; 'Select Index…'


      5. Remove all index choices that are checked in black. Remove all indexes that are grayed out. With the 'Remove' button.


      6. Select the 'Add' button.


      Navigate to the folder that the files are located in and select the file:




      7. Select the 'Open' button


      8. Select the 'OK' button


      9. Under 'Where would you like to search?'

      Select the radio button: 'In the index named Full_Text_Index.pdx'


      10. Type in a keyword, I used 'Kodak' for my test.


      11. Results: should be 75 documents with 16497 instances.


      12. On my computer the search takes 6 seconds.


      13. Feel free to contact me at:  if I can be of further assistance.


      14. I apologize for not knowing about this issue.


      This is my first portfolio. Because everything worked perfectly on the build, I missed this one. Thanks for any information that might help me solve the issue.