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    Unable to import FCP 7.03 project into Premiere Pro CS5.5 (PC)


      Greetings and thanks in advance to anyone who can help


      I'm unable to import a very important project into PP CS5.5 (on PC) from FCP 7.03. I created the FCP XML (v.5) which included all of the bins holding the raw footage and a single timeline.


      During the import process in PP, it stops responding on the "Importing files" window with a progression bar showing nearly 85% done. I've copied the raw footage from the MAC to the PC (already wrapped in Quicktime by FCP.) The folder structure the footage is contained on is totally different than what's on the PC.


      Last night, after getting nowhere with this error, I actually went through the agonizing process of re-creating the bins in PP and re-organizing by hand the raw footage files into them. Because this was a feature film with nearly 2000 clips, I got only halfway done and gave up after four hours of this.


      I was hoping PP would at least be able to create the bins containing empty reference files and complain about them not existing so I could simply re-link them, along with the timeline.


      I don't want to spend 48 recreating by bin structure in PP - hours plucking each raw footage file into newly created bins.


      Please help.