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    InDesign CS4 not exporting to ePub with a TOC


      I've been trying to export a file to ePub this morning but keep getting the error "Cannot export filename. Export failed" . I narrowed down the problem so that when I uncheck the "Include TOC", the file exports. The only trouble is, I need the TOC. There are no hyperlinks within the document, so that rules out that error that some people have had. I have tried redefining the style, moving it to the top of my paragraph styles panel, typing in the text by hand, creating a separate new document, creating a idml version...I even tried a test of just typing one word with a completely different paragraph style set for the TOC and still got the error. Any suggestions on things I should try? I'd rather not have to type out this TOC by hand in the code.

      Thanks a bunch!