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    Losing my custom settings

    Terence McAteer

      I wonder if anyone can help, recently, InDesign, has been crashing/freezing, on very simple tasks, when I create a table,

      make a pdf, or even select the application from the dock or try to quit. This is all rather time comsuming, what's really annoying

      is that on restarting ID, it reverts back to the default settings, any Preferences I've set in the InDesign>Preferences>General...Interface...etc are

      gone and I have to go back after each crash and reset, any custom keyboard shortcuts are also deleted as are style sheets and colour swatches.

      Is there any way to save all these Preferences off to a back up file, I've tried saving both the ID cache and preferences from the Library as a back up

      but it doesn't work. 


      CS5 Design Standard

      Snow Leopard 10.6.8

      Mac Pro 1.1 2x2.66Ghz Dual Core Intel Xeon 6GB Ram