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    ereader trouble


      i am having trouble with a new ereader,as a family already have 3 others, the new one when trying to open the books downloaded comes up with the message 'file open failed' it does this with all the books. the only things able to read are the bits it came with. please help as the supplier cant help me. my next option is to send it back

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Tracey, you need to tell us a bit more about the 'new ereader', so we can

          try to figure this out.


          For starters, have you checked to make sure that the ereader model is

          supported by Adobe Digital Editions?  Check HERE

          <http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices>to bring up a

          list of those that are supported.  From what you've said, it's possible that

          it's not.


          Next, you haven't said that you're trying to use Adobe Digital Editions to

          manage the downloads, although one might assume that from the fact you've

          posted here.  But, I know some folks that have downloaded ebooks directly to

          their ereaders, skipping ADE altogether.


          Then, if you have an ereader that's supported by ADE, have you registered it

          with the manufacturer correctly, so ADE 'sees' it and has established

          communication with it?  It's possible to assume that by reading a lot into

          your post, but I'd rather have that part confirmed than assume it's been



          And, at the end of the line, ADE supports only a limited number of file

          formats, so it's possible that the ebooks you've downloaded won't work when

          you transfer them to the ereader....  This one's tricky, because many

          ereaders are wedded to their host sites, like the Kindle to Amazon, the Nook

          to B&D, the SONY to SONY, and so on.  ADE can work with some of them, but

          not all.


          I'm looking forward to hearing more from you!


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            tracey.pilkington Level 1

            my ereader is a mebook e702. yes i am using adobe digital editions to manage

            my downloads and they are in epub.as for registration didnt know i needed to

            as our other 3 down loaded automaticaly.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              Tracey, have you checked the supported devices via the link I put in my

              reply (HERE <http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices>)?

              I don't see a 'mebook e702' in that list.  Which means that the device is

              probably not supported.  It's pretty common that someone will market a

              device and say that it can read ebooks (even giving the file formats it can

              read), but not tell you how to do that, and perhaps that's happened here.

              You could try to download the ebooks directly to this device and see if that



              I can only speculate on the 'other three' you mention because you haven't

              told us what kind they are.  If they're working with ADE, then they are

              supported devices and have been registered and authorized.





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                tracey.pilkington Level 1

                thanks 4 your help. my son came home today and has confermed it doesn't

                support  ade, it will read books directly down loaded, trouble is most

                sights go directly to ade if u dont know what u r doing .