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    Enable RMI connection to the CQ Repo (CRX)



      we are trying to enable RMI access to our CRX.

      My understnding is that we need to need the following setup:


      In order to set up RMI, you will need to change the configuration in the CRX instance. Here are the steps:

      Go to : Your_CRX_Folder/server/runtime/0/_crx/WEB-INF/web.xml and uncomment following code, we will need to make sure that the port is 6600 or any other port you wish to have, but that port should be open.



              RMI configuration






              The RMI port for registering the repository in the RMI Registry.

              If equals 0, the default port is used. Omit this parameter to

              disable RMI server entirely.





      We need to mofidy this parameter but not by updates to the  the runtime folder. We would like to have these change scripted as part of the installation of the CQ jar. That will allow us to avoid manual configurations of CQ on each of our environments.

      I assume I should extract the jar and make the change and bundle it again but I could not found the a web.xml in the quick start jar.


      We are using CQ5.4