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    Missing something simple and need advice.

    red_dirt_studio Level 1

      This is a short script that is to export a PDF and at the same time open a PSD file of the same name. It works on the first run but does not on the second and so on run. Any advice would be much appreciated. I do not know what I am missing.







          function openPS() {


                var myDoc = app.activeDocument;




                var exportfile=new File(exPDF);

                      app.activeDocument.exportFile(ExportFormat.interactivePDF, exportfile, false);


                var myDocPath = myDoc.filePath;

                var myPsd = myDoc.name.split(".indd").join(".psd");


                var bt = new BridgeTalk;

                bt.target = "photoshop";

                var fileRef = new File(myDocPath +"/"+myPsd);


                bt.body = photoshop.open(fileRef);