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      I am busy with a HD project shot on a Sony EX1R HQ 1080 50I and when I try trim a clip on the time line (drag shorter or extend a few times) the machine hangs and I must restart Pr to carry on working.


      980X OC to 4.0

      24 gig ram 1600

      600 gig 10 000 rpm OS

      7 x 1tb F3 raid 0 on a Intel RS2BL080 controller

      GTX 480

      Win 7 64 ultimate

      Black Magic Ultra studio Pro USB3


      I re installed CS5.5 and all is OK but as soon as I udate to 5.5.1 I have the same problems. I also have problems with the Referance monitor set to Vect/YC Wave/RGB Parade, when I make changes using RGB curves or fast colour corrector the REF monitors do not update.


      I did try an Adobe preset  and have the same problems.


      any suggestions?