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    XMLSocket crossdomain problem on Flash 8

      Hi, there:

      I have a flash application using XMLSocket connecting to another socket server.
      Everything worked fine with a proper crossdomain.xml setting as suggested in flash document.

      However, thing changs when I download and evaluate Flash 8....

      My application build by Flash 8 doesn't work anymore. The problem is obviously caused by the security restriction, since it works when I move the flash app. to the same host with socket server.

      After a whole day searching, still can't figure why this happens...
      It once worked when I build it under Flash MX2004.
      But after I installed Flash 8, both MX2004 and Flash 8 fail to build a workable swf. I don't even change a single line of code at all...

      anyone have any idea? It will be very appreciated.
      thx in advance.