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    contacting adobe


      If software does not work as it should. How does one contact adobe direct to get a solution ?


      I find the whole adobe site a complete mess and a minefiled at times.


      When trying to sort through their forms and form fields I always end up in a dead end.


      For example, I can not open a case on-line for any of my software as the form fields only offer me a route for Flash Player Problems or in another route to support, only for software I do not have.


      I use CS5 Web Premium and I can't find the right route to get support


      Does anyone know an email or a form on this site for users of CS5 Web Premium - or specifically for Flash Pro ?

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          Jay_Armstrong Level 2

          Try these resources:




          Installation help and product help

          Monday–Friday, 5am–7pm PST

          Software activation

          Available 24/7

          Licensing, registration, web subscription services

          7 days a week, 5am–7pm PST

          Adobe Volume Licensing (business accounts)

          Monday–Friday, 5am–5pm PST

          TTY (Telephone Typewriter)

          Monday–Friday, 5am–2pm PST
          Messages accepted after hours

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            k3dj Level 1

            Thanks Jay but I am not in the U.S and I think all those are stateside numbers. The link is where I tried before, that then sent me to another adobe section where one chooses a product and then gets the option to contact support, when clicking that link one is greeted with this message from adobe


            If you need help with your Adobe products, please use the online resources available to you.


            and so one goes around in a circle - i know they probably do not mean to be so illusive but essentially they are suggesting - sort it out for yourself, we are not here to help you . . .


            When I want to buy something I get on-line sales advisors falling over themselves to deal direct via 'chat' or telephone . . . wish it was the same when things go wrong - just an email address would be wonderful. I have tried all the on-line advise but to no avail.


            anyway - thanks for trying to help jay


            best wishes