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    Acrobat 9 Professional: changing the default save setting as version 5 and later

      • The situation: 
        • We are using Acrobat 9 Professional.  We have PDF files with version that was save as 5.0 or later.  (We need to save it as 5.0 because it allows our PDF publications to be shown on mobile devices that don't support newer versions). 
      • The problem: 
        • Sometimes we need to go back to our PDF to change the front cover.  However after clicking on save, Acrobat 9 reverts it to the latest version making our publications unreadable for mobile devices.
      • Options we have considered: 
        • Using the save as optimized feature.  This is not convenient since the file is about 2000 pages and using that feature will require it to rastersize and flattend the image on every page.  It takes too long. 
        • I am currently, planning to go back to Acrobat 8 Professional, but user would like to keep both version.


      The question:  Is there another way to set Acrobat 9 to save PDF as the original version it was created (that at least doesn't take that much time)?


      Thank you in advance!