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    Trouble Building New Workspace For Day 1 Projects

    KeithTheKing Level 1

      I am viewing the first day's lesson and am finding this course to be remarkably good for something that's free. I really like it! Thanks for providing it.


      One confusing thing I encountered> Being an overachiever, I tried to follow along with the instructor when she created a new workspace and unzipped Day 1's files with all of Day 1's projects in it. In the version she is using in the video, there is no Day1.zip file, and so trying to follow her, I thought I was making some mistake and not building my workspace correctly or not unzipping my file correctly.


      I finally figured out that it was different than what she was using and found instructions in the readme file that helped me set it up. Later, I found that the actual exercize at the end of the lesson was using the correct version of the zip file.


      I'm not really sure what you could do, but possibly some sort of pop message on the video warning people not to try this yet might prevent others from trying to do it while watching the video and getting frustrated.


      Again, GREAT COURSE! Thanks, mucho.


      Keith Lavender

      Helena, MT


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