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    Actionscript Issue?

      I am a complete flash novice and am just experimenting with flash on my web site - www.evolution-photography.co.uk/wedding.html - I bought a flash template and have been modifying it with my details. Unfortunately the template doesn't have enough pages for all my information so I thought I would just duplicate one of the main page movies, rename it the copy and amend actionscript to point it at this new movie and paste into the right place??? Not that easy I found, can anyone offer any advice and/or guidance???

      The actionscirpt assigned to the buttons ("About", "Packages" & "Photo Gallery") in the template is as follows:

      on(rollOut, releaseOutside){
      _root["item"+ _root.i].gotoAndPlay("s2");
      _root.i =2;

      The name of the movie that this script points at is SP02 so am having trouble identifying which part of the script refers to the movie. Can anybody help?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          there's a movieclip on the _root timeline with instance name item2 that's being directed to a frame labelled s2 by that button. presumably you'll want to create a new movieclips and name it something similar (like item4 if item4 is not already being targetted by one of the buttons). and you'll want to copy one of those buttons and adjust its code: