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    Remove highlight from text after field.setFocus() - possible?


      Howdy folks!


      I have some keystroke event JS on a field that wraps an unfinished word to a target field when the field is event.fieldFull


      This works, however when I set focus on the new field, the text is highlighted so you can't continue writing -  is there a way to remove the highlight and point the cursor at the end of the existing text after a field.setFocus() ?


      Here is how I am doing it, which is pretty basic (all the variables have been set outside the snip)



      nextField.value = nextText;




      I have tried some non-acrojs methods for resolving this issue, but they don't seem to work, listed below...


      • nextField.setAction('OnFocus', 'this.value = this.value;');
      • nextField.setAction('OnFocus', 'this.getField(' + nextField.name + ').value = this.getField(' + nextField.name + ').value;');


      Help would be much appreciated, this is driving me nuts!