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    Repositioning, grouping and align-to-grid of tilelist items

    Sudarshan G

      I am working on a shopping cart application, where as user can drag products from tree and drop in a TileList. But now I want to know, how to reposition, group and grid-align the TileList items. User can drag and drop the items wherever he wants in the tilelist and group them color-wise or price-wise. Is this possible with TileList component or do I need to use any other component. Please help me. Below is the TileList example..







      -----Red Color-----

      product1     product2    product3


      product9   product10




      ------Green Color-----

      product3     product5




      product13  product14


      ------Blue Color------

      product4     product7    product8     product6



      and so on....