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    Premiere Stops Dead

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      Boy, I think I've posted more over the past month than the past year. So here's one more and I hope this does it for a while. Background: I'm on Windows 7, i7 960, 12 GB RAM, GTX 285. For playback to my video monitor I'm using a Matrox mini w/Max. I reinstalled CS5 recently, along with the Matrox utilities for the Max. Since then, Premiere has taken on the habit of stopping dead in the middle of playing back a timeline. Then the white window of death opens, telling me Premiere has encountered a problem and is shutting down, which it does. I have no idea what the problem is and am wondering if anyone can suggest how to troubleshoot this. I will say my GTX 285 does not have the latest driver and I'm wondering if I should download and install that. Last I looked, the GTX 285 driver update seemed mainly to relate to features for gaming, so I'm not sure that'll benefit me. I'm at the tail end of a project, so I may hobble along and then do a complete reinstall (again) and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks in advance for any thoughts about this. Cheers, Steve