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    Object Style Manager




      I am getting some odd behaviour from my Captivate Ver and Win 7.  I do not know if I am doing something wrong but this is what is happening.

      I am creating a series of short demonstration tutorials.  Before I started recording I open the OSM and set Caption type  Pastel Blue,  Font, Arial regular,  Font size 18, Cell alignment, left and indentation with 2 indents, and No Transition.  This is saved as the Caption default.


      Before I start recording I check the Preferences on the recording window and all is OK.  But after I record, the captions in the recorded tutorial show font sizes varying from 18-26 randomly throughout the recording.


      In OSM all other settings remain as I set them but Font size has changed to 26.  I have reset the font size to 18 and it will again revert to 26.


      Is there another place to set font size.


      Any help appreciated.




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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Perhaps unnecessary question, but did you set the style of the Default Captions or of the Default Capture Caption ? It is that objects style that is used during recording,



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            kchandler Level 1

            Hi Lilybiri,


            Good question,  I was not aware of there being 2 settings the Capture Caption and Default Caption.  I have looked through Preferences and OSM but can not find the Capture Caption settings only Default Caption. Could you please tell how to set both.


            Am I correct that the Default caption is used when I add a caption to my recorded project, and the Capture Caption is used by Captivate when recording?


            Thank you for your help





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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              So sorry, Ken, forgot totally that this object style was only added in CP5.5, my bad. I just checked 5 version and it is missing there.


              You are correct, this Capture Caption style is used during capture.


              Tried it out, this time on CP5:

              • Opened file, changed Default Caption Style to something totally different
              • Captured some slides and the new style was used for the Capture Captions


              So I'm wondering what is going wrong when you try the same thing? Was also puzzled by the version you are mentioning, perhaps this is only a typo. Latest version is for me.



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                kchandler Level 1



                Sorry,you are correct it is a typo.   


                The correct version is 


                I have tried the following.


                Created a new caption style EA Capture in OSM  Font size 25 and other settings.  Made this the default caption and totaly different to the original default caption.


                Recorded a few slides in Captivate but before recording opened the capture settings and set recording to use EA Capture.


                After recording the captions are font size 31,  but all other settings are the same as the EA Caption.  This behaviour happens consistantly.


                Thanks for looking at this for me.